We're excited to announce that we have now natively integrated ZKTeco attendance machines with ZenHR. This native integration allows ZKTeco attendance machines to integrate with ZenHR through BioTimeCloud (Version 8.5), a cloud-based time attendance software that helps manage and organize your workforce effectively, regardless of their location, without a physical server.

ZKTeco is a leading global developer of smart security solutions and systems. ZKTeco’s biometric attendance machines track employees' time and attendance transactions through fingerprint scans and geolocation tracking. 


How To Activate ZKTeco Integration
User Menu → System Preferences  Integration Setup  ZKTeco Integration Setup

To access the ZKTeco Integration Setup page on your ZenHR account, it must first be added to your integrations portfolio in setup by following the below steps. Please note that this integration can only be activated by Global admins.

Step 1: Start the activation process by clicking the “Activate” button on the ZKTeco Integration Setup page.

On the ZKTeco Integration Setup page, you will find the details of the ZKTeco attendance machines and how they integrate with ZenHR through a BioTimeCloud.


Step 2: Add your BioTime Login Credential by filling in the Integration URL, Username, and Password, then click “Activate”.

Once you fill out the required information on the side menu, the system will then activate your secure and effective integration.


A popup will appear notifying you that you have successfully activated the integration, then click “Done.” Once the ZKTeco integration has been processed, the integration details will be shown on the ZKTeco Integration Setup page.


  • The integration will remain active until a Global admin deactivates it.
  • Users should ensure that the “Branch Number” on ZenHR matches the “Area” field on BioTimeCloud. The “Card ID” should also be identical in both systems to pull attendance history successfully.


 Step 3: Select a History interval to pull your employees’ attendance records. 

After activating the integration, the system will direct you to the ZKTeco Integration Setup page, where all the integration details are displayed. Below them, in the Pulling Attendance History section, you can select the History interval that you would like to pull employees’ attendance records from your attendance machines.  From the dropdown list, you can select to pull one, two, or up to three months of attendance history records.


After selecting the History interval of the attendance records you’d like to pull, the Number of records to import and the Estimated time to import will then be displayed in the Pulling Attendance History section. Once your desired attendance records have been imported, they can be easily accessed and managed through the attendance module on ZenHR.

ZKTeco Failed Events Viewer

User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup  ZKTeco Integration Setup → Event Viewer

On the Failed Events Viewer page, admins will be able to track the records that have failed to import and will be able to retry importing record details again. 

On the top right of the page, click “Export as” to download the attendance details batch either as an excel sheet or PDF.

Deactivating ZKTeco Integration

 User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup → ZKTeco Integration Setup 

To deactivate the ZKTeco integration, all you have to do is go to the ZKTeco Integration Setup page and click the “Deactivate” button. A popup will appear notifying you that if you deactivate the integration, you will not be able to import any new attendance record. If you’d like to proceed with the deactivation, click the “Deactivate” button, and your ZKTeco attendance integration will be successfully deactivated.