We’re thrilled to announce ZenHR’s latest native integration with Muqeem in Saudi Arabia. Muqeem is the official portal for expats residency management in Saudi Arabia that provides fast and safe processing of your employees’ residency matters online.


Using Muqeem’s integration with ZenHR, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Issue an Iqama
  • Renew an Iqama
  • Transfer an Iqama
  • Issue an Exit/Re-Entry Visa
  • Cancel an Exit/Re-Entry Visa
  • Extend an Exit/Re-Entry Visa
  • Reprint an Exit/Re-Entry Visa
  • Issue a Final Exit Visa
  • Cancel a Final Exit Visa
  • Extend the Validity of a Passport
  • Renew a Passport



New Roles Added to Manage Muqeem 

The new roles, Muqeem Admin and Read only Muqeem, have been added to KSA branches only.


Muqeem Admin:

This new role gives users full access to Muqeem-related pages, such as the Muqeem Management page and its tabs. 


Read only Muqeem:

This new role gives users access to view Muqeem-related pages, such as the  Muqeem Management page and its tabs only. These users will not be able to perform any actions, and the actions column will be hidden from all pages. Users with this role will not be able to import iqamas, issue iqamas, or add existing iqamas on the Muqeem Management page.


These roles can be assigned to users on the User Info page.


How to Activate This Integration

User Menu  System Preferences   Integration Setup   Muqeem Integration Setup 

On the Muqeem Integration Setup page, Muqeem integration must be activated on ZenHR in order to be able to perform any actions. This action can only be performed by the Superadmin.


On this page, click “Activate”. A slider will then appear for you to fill in your Muqeem Username and Password.




Once the integration is activated, users can update Muqeem’s credentials by clicking “Update Muqeem Credentials”, at the bottom of the Muqeem Integration Setup page. A slider will then appear, where users can add their new Muqeem credentials, then click “Link Using New Credentials” to update their information.    




Muqeem Management Page 

Main Menu → Employees  Employee Affairs  Muqeem Management 


On the Muqeem Management page, if no Iqamas have been added, you can Add an Existing Iqama, Issue an Iqama or Import Iqamas

Once you select the desired action, complete the required information.


On the Muqeem Management page, there are four tabs, Iqamas, Exit Re-Entry Visa, Final Exit Visa, and Passport, where Muqeem actions can be done.

 Iqamas Tab 
This is the default tab the user sees once the page is opened. The actions that can be done on this page are as follows:

  • Issue, renew, and transfer Iqamas & add Existing Iqamas
  • Issue, cancel, extend, and reprint Exit Re-Entry Visas.
  • Issue and cancel Final Exit Visas.
  • Extend and renew Passports.


On the data table, you can find the Muqeem Action Type under every tab.

Any action taken will be recorded on the action-related page. For example, if an action to issue an Exit Re-Entry Visa was performed, then the record will be added to the Exit Re-Entry tab on the Muqeem Management page.

The status of the Iqama will also be visible (Active, Expired, and Expires Soon). The iqama status will change to “Expires Soon” when the number of days remaining to the expiration date reaches the number of days that were added in the notification setup.


On the Iqamas tab, the user can also add an existing Iqama by clicking the “Add an Existing Iqama” button, then enter the required information.


Once the Muqeem status is “Completed”, the user cannot edit the Iqama record.

If the Iqama Number is in an employee’s personal information on their profile, it will be extracted from there and can be edited if necessary. If the Iqama Number changes, it will reflect on the employee profile. 

The Passport Number will also be extracted from the employee’s personal information on their profile, but if the number is edited, a message will be shown to confirm the Passport Number change everywhere. 

The Passport Expiry Date will also be extracted from the employee’s personal information on their profile, but if the number is edited, a message will be shown to confirm the Passport Expiry Date change everywhere.



Users can also upload the Iqama in PDF format in the slider that appears.


The user can also import Iqamas by clicking on the “Import Iqamas” button. The Iqamas Importerwill then appear where users can import iqama details. However, any data imported will replace the data that has been previously added. 





Exit Re-Entry Visa Tab 

On this tab, you can Issue, Cancel, Extend, and Reprint an Exit Re-Entry Visa. 


If the Action Type says “Extend”, the previous duration and extended duration that has been updated will appear. 




 Final Exit Visa Tab 

The data records shown on this page are for Issuing and Canceling a Final Exit Visa.



Passport Tab

The data records shown on this page are related to Extending and Renewing Passports.


Muqeem Email Notifications 

User Menu  System Preferences  General  Notifications Setup

On the Edit Notifications Setup page, notifications can be enabled to notify users of an Iqama that is about to expire. Under Iqama Expiry, activate the toggle to enable the notifications and enter the number of days before the expiration and users will be notified by email.



Users will then receive an Iqama Expiry notification by email, based on the number of days before the expiration that has been added. 


View & Track Records Sent to Muqqem:

Muqeem Event Viewer

User Menu → System Preferences  Integration Setup  Muqeem Integration Setup

On the Event Viewer page, users will be able to track the records that have been sent to Muqeem.


Deactivating Muqeem Integration

User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup → Muqeem Integration Setup 

To deactivate the Muqeem integration, on the Muqeem Integration Setup page, click the “Deactivate” button.

New Iqama Section in Customized Reports 

Main Menu → Reports  General Reports → Customized Reports Generator → Report Builder

A new section called Iqamas has been added under Report Builder, when customizing reports. This new section can be used to add any Iqama related data to a customized report.