AI-Based CV Parser 

We are delighted to announce that we have a new AI-based CV Parsing feature on ZenATS. This feature is designed to streamline your recruitment process with the help of AI. This AI will automatically extract important information from candidate CVs and put it at the top of candidate profiles for you. 

To see the information that AI of the CV parser extracts, go to the desired candidate’s profile, then go to the Profile & CV tab.  

There, you will find the below information that AI extracted for you as well as a generated summary: 

  • AI-generated summary: The AI extracts relevant data to create a detailed candidate summary for you. It gives you a concise overview of a job applicant's qualifications, skills, and experience, created by artificial intelligence to help you quickly assess a candidate’s suitability for a job role. 

  • Name: The parser will automatically extract the candidate's name from the CV.

  • Candidate photo: If there is an image of the candidate in the CV, it will be extracted from the CV after being validated as a real image by the AI.  

  • The parser will also automatically extract the candidate’s Contact Details, including:

    • Email

    • Phone number

    • Location (Country & City)

  • The parser will also extract the candidate’s Work Experience and compile the total years of work experience:

    • Each company name the candidate has worked at, the position name in each company, and the start and end dates of each position.

  • Education: The parser also extracts information about the candidate’s education, including: 

    • Designation, major, institute, and start and end dates. 

  • Date of Birth: The parser will extract the date of birth as well and display the age of the candidate. 

  • Languages: The parser will extract the languages the candidate mentions in their CV, along with their level of proficiency in each one. 

  • Skills: The parser will also extract the skills mentioned in the candidate's CV.

  • The parser will automatically extract links to the Candidate’s social media.

You can add additional information to a candidate's profile by clicking on the “Add Field”  button in the header of the candidate’s profile. A pop-up will then appear where you can add a customized field and its value. Once you add the new field, it will then be on the candidate’s profile. 

To edit the candidate’s information, click on the “Edit Profile” button to open the candidate profile in Edit Mode. Here, you will be able to editadd, or delete any candidate information. 


CV Filters 

We've also added some new filters to help you filter through the parsed information. These filters will help you easily and efficiently sort through all your applicants.

  1. Most Recent Title: This is a boolean search filter that allows you to type in the job title that you wish to narrow down CVs based on.  

  2. Years of Experience: This filter allows you to specify a range of years of experience you’re looking for when filtering through candidates.

  3. Skills: Filter through and search for the skills that you want to narrow down CVs based on. 

  4. Level of Education: Select the education level of candidates you’re looking for from the drop-down list. (Elementary school, high school degree, diploma, higher diploma, bachelor's degree, masters degree, or Ph.D.)

  5. Location: Select one or multiple countries and cities to specify the candidate’s location.  

  6. Languages: This filter provides a multi-select list featuring a predefined array of languages categorized into four proficiency levels for you to select from. (Beginner, Intermediate, Fluent, and Native). 

  7. Age: This filter allows you to specify the age range of candidates you’re looking for.