We're excited to announce that we have now integrated Mudad Payroll Platform with ZenHR - one of our most requested native integrations by our customers in KSA. This native integration will allow finance admins to “send employees’ payroll to Mudad” as well as Submit Payments, view Payment Status, and Cancel Payments through several Saudi banking channels.



Mudad’s Payroll Management System (PMS) is a full-fledged payroll system for KSA that offers numerous payroll functionalities and capabilities to small and medium enterprises (SME) owners. One of the most notable features of Mudad is the ability to integrate with several Saudi banking channels. Mudad’s PMS is a single integration hub that connects its clients to a growing number of Saudi bank channels.

How to Activate Mudad Integration

Mudad Setup

User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup  Financial Integrations  Mudad Setup

On the Mudad Setup page, activate Mudad subscription by clicking “Subscribe” to start the activation steps. You can then follow the five subscription activation steps that will appear on the right side of the page. 

Step 1: Add your Establishment by filling in the Commercial registration number and the MLSD unified ID, then click “Next”.

This service is used to onboard and subscribe the establishment to Mudad’s payment services. When the MLSD unified ID and CRN are validated, the establishment will have an active subscription and will be able to use the payroll services.

The B2B partner uses this service to add a signatory for any active establishment. The signatory will be able to perform all payroll activities.

Step 3: Verify the Signatory by inserting a One-Time Password, then click “Next”.

In this section, the entered One-Time Password "OTP" will be verified. Once it has been entered successfully, the signatory will be activated to perform the payroll services.

Step 4: Select your Bank Account, then click “Next”.

This section is used to check the establishment’s bank account and verify that the added signatory is authorized in the bank and can perform the transactions.

Step 5: Verify PMS Authorization by inserting a One-Time Password,  then click “Activate Subscription”.

This section is used to verify the signatory by entering the One-Time Password "OTP" shared by the bank.

A popup will appear notifying you that you have successfully subscribed to Mudad, then click “Done.” Once the Mudad subscription has been activated, the subscription details will be shown on the Mudad Setup page. 



Sending Payroll To Mudad

Main Menu  Payroll  Manage Financials  Manage Salaries  Salaries Batch

To send your payroll to Mudad, on the Salaries Batch page click “Show Filters'' to select the filters that you want. When you’re done, click “Filter” to find the desired salary batch.

You can then send a salary batch to Mudad either by clicking “Send to Mudad'' in the Details column. 

Or click “Batch” which will take you to the Salary Batches page where you can click the “Actions'' button, select “Send to Mudad”, specify the “transfer date” and click “Send”. 


To ensure a successful salary batch transfer, the Transfer Date must always be the next working day or after to allow the banking channel to process the Payroll Payment Instructions correctly.




Important notes from Mudad:

* In order to have a successful salary transition from ZenHR to Mudad, you have to match the employee names in ZenHR, Mudad, Employees' Banks, and GOSI.

* The transfer date should always be the next business day or later to allow the bank to ensure that the salary bank process is correct.


Mudad Events Viewer


User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup  Financial Integrations  Mudad Setup  Event Viewer



Under Mudad Setup, click “Event Viewer”. On the Event Viewer page, the batch details can be downloaded in an Excel sheet by clicking the Transaction Count of any sent batch. 


Canceling Mudad Payments

Main Menu  Payroll → Manage Financials  Manage Salaries  Salaries Batch


To cancel a transfer after sending a salary batch to Mudad, under the Details column, click “Cancel Mudad Transaction”.


Canceling Mudad Subscription


User Menu  System Preferences  Integration Setup  Financial Integrations  Mudad Setup


To cancel Mudad subscription and deactivate the integration, on the Mudad Setup page, click the “Unsubscribe” button.